"The law is both a shield and a sword. At Betty's Law, we use the shield to protect you and the sword to fight for you."

- Courtney Betty, JD

   Counsel for Justice and Equity


We are proud to be playing a leading role in the Black Class Action representing Black Federal Public Service Workers.

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Betty's Law is a unique consortium of Lawyers committed to Excellence in the delivery of legal services, combined with a passion and commitment to Justice and Equity.

We are a team of trusted legal professionals with decades of collective experience both in Canada and internationally. Our diverse background allows us to approach complex legal issues with extensive knowledge, skill, and confidence. From winning precedent setting cases to achieving million dollar settlements, our team has a plethora of legal experience to offer you.



Mr. Courtney Betty is a former Crown Attorney at the Department of Justice Canada, representing the Government of Canada in complex tax, commercial, and litigation matters. Mr. Betty has applied his 20 years of extensive legal experience in both government and the private sector, especially in the areas of international business development.

Class Action

Class Actions present the most effective strategy to address legal issues which impact a large group of people. 


At Betty’s Law we are committed to using class action proceedings to achieve  Justice for each person as well as to bring about systemic  changes to prevent future wrongs.

Civil Litigation

Filing a legal claim for damages is the final step after all other attempts have been made for resolution of any dispute.

Our strength in both negotiation and   pursuing a claim for damages provides our clients with the best hope of early resolution, and a strong team of creative litigators to pursue all available remedies. We aim to get the solution you desire.


At Betty’s Law, our experience of representing the Canadian Department of Immigration along with thousands of new immigrants uniquely positions us to help you and your family achieve the goal of living in Canada.


These are very challenging times and families need to be reunited. Students need to be able to continue their education, and investors need to play a role in helping to develop the Canadian economy. Immigration is not simply filling out a form, it is understanding each clients' specific goals and helping them to achieve it.


Business and Corporate

From the early start up, requiring incorporation and other agreements, to complex corporate matters, we work to understand your business goals first and foremost.  


Providing legal business advice is not a template. Our approach is to be part of your team along with other professionals to help you build a legally successful business operation.

Personal Injury

A personal injury presents tremendous challenges for the person injured. First there is the need to ensure that you receive proper treatment to help you recover from your injury. 


Next is to establish both short term and long term compensation for the losses and pain and suffering.


At Betty’s Law our international experience includes representing Governments, large and small corporations as well as individuals who are pursuing cross border transactions. ​


Doing business internationally requires an understanding of not only each country's laws but also the local culture and how to best position each opportunity. ​


Corporations and organizations  place high emphasis on risk management.  However, many organizations fail to address the potential risk of systemic issues which can lead to expensive and costly Class Actions. 

At Betty’s Law Office we will proactively work with our clients to highlight potential areas especially in the areas of Employment Equity and Systemic Racism and Discrimination.


Played a leading role in having the Jamaican Stock Exchange accredited by the Minister of Canada.

Served as Senior Legal Counsel to the British Virgin Islands in drafting the Cannabis Licensing Act

Paved the way for deregulation of Telecommunications in Jamaica

Black Public Service Worker Class Action

Former Crown Attorney for the Canadian Department of Justice 

Paved the way for deregulation of Telecommunications in Jamaica


"The assistance of our advisors, Sandra Gogal and Mr. Courtney Betty, in drafting the Cannabis Licensing Act for BVI was invaluable. With their guidance, we have developed medicinal cannabis legislation that is uniquely ours, and will help to open up economic development opportunities for our citizens in areas such as the agricultural, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.”

  Deputy Premier


Let's all work together for Justice and Equity.

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